Total Link 2 Community


Total Link2 Community, a local non-profit, has worked with Matthew

and his Circle of Friends to develop YIKES! Beverages Where You

Want Them. Their mission is employment for folks with

developmental disabilities, both in local businesses thru job carving

and micro-businesses for self-employment in community.

Using the model of Customized Employment to Discover Matthew’s

Personal Genius – TL2C helped develop a micro-enterprise that

capitalizes on Matthew’s strengths, preferences and learning style.

Combining Matthew’s enjoyment of soda, handling cash & coins,

heavy lifting and being out greeting new faces. This naturally

developed into the concept of soda vending & delivery business.

Yikes! gives the community beverages where you want them and it

                                    supports Matthew doing real work with real value in his hometown -

                                    enjoying the daily purpose of capping off his soda vending machines.

Better Connections. Better Community.


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