Beverage Services

YIKES! Beverages being refilled for Matthews clients


Have cold drinks available at all times

for employees and customers

YIKES! Beverages with Matthew Filling up the Vending Machine for the client


YIKES! will arrange to have Coca-Cola install a soda vending

machine at your business or organization at NO cost to you.

Matthew will keep the machine stocked with beverages of your

choosing. There is no charge for installing or stocking the vending

machine. YIKES! keeps the money in the vending machines, from

soda purchases, as payment.

Vending machines are reliable, quiet and energy efficient

 For use indoor or outdoors

 Most have bill validators and some have credit card

 Machine holds 6-8 flavors in bottles or cans

 Repairs and maintenance are provided by Coca-Cola

Have a machine?

Yikes! will help customize a beverage selection for your

Yikes! willl haul, deliver and restock the machine as needed so

you always have cold beverages on hand

Yikes! can provide you with samples of beverages

Yikes! will save time and energy for you and your employees

Contact us at….224-456-7021


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