About Us

YIKES! Beverages Another Order Delivered With Success

Matthew is the owner of

YIKES! Beverages Where You Want Them

Matthew is proving that individuals with disabilities can

live very productive, meaningful and independent lives.

He enjoys the personal fulfillment found in the work of

restocking, making deliveries & greeting folks along the way.

The YIKES! business began with Total Link2 Community,

a local not-for-profit, whose mission is employment for

individuals with disabilities.

Let YIKES! support your beverage needs and experience

the joy of a personalized delivery by this young

Be a part of Matthew’s future by calling YIKES! for your

beverage needs  You can help us!

Send us your ideas and references for future customers We are

always looking for new opportunities for our business. Use your

connections to help bring in new clients for Yikes!

More about Matthew

Matthew is 28 years old and resides in an apartment with a

helper/roommate, in a suburb of Chicago where he grew up.

Matthew’s abilities outshine the challenges he faces living with a

developmental disability. His family and friends see his limitless

potential and use his strengths to help Matthew build a life of


Matthew loves being in his community. He is very friendly and greets

everyone with an enthusiastic handshake. Matt loves to bowl, swim,

play video games and watch his favorite movies. He also loves

grocery shopping and working on projects in his community such as

electronics recycling.

He has a huge support system made up of family and friends who

are very proud of all his accomplishments.

Matthew appreciates folks who see his potential and offer him new

creative opportunities that allow him to contribute as member of the


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